Agile innovation methods have greatly increased success rates in software development

Agile Scrum Method

Scrum is an implementation of the Agile project management approach that requires continuous iteration of development and testing in the software development lifecycle process. Development and testing activities are concurrent unlike the Waterfall model.

Roles in Scrum

Product Owner

Is the one that knows more about the product and responsible for prioritizing the backlog.

Scrum Master

Is responsible for ensuring the team lives agile values and principles and follows the processes and practices.

Scrum Master

They develop the product, self-organizing and self-managing to achieve product increment on each iteration.


Product Backlog

This is the entire list of things needs to be done prioritized by the Product Owner. The items in the list do not have details.

Sprint Backlog

This list is a portion of the Product Backlog. The most important items from the Product Backlog are selected and broken down by the team to add details.


  • Sprint Planning

    During this meeting the Product Owner describe the priorities and the team works on detail them and how many of them can be handled in the Sprint.
  • Daily

    The Daily Scrum is the team space to get together, define a plan for the day’s work and identify any blockers.
  • Sprint Review

    In this meeting, the team shows all the work done during the Sprint to stakeholders.
  • Sprint Retrospective

    This is the space where the team can auto analyze and learn to improve the way they work.

What if my requirements change?

Changes are taken as a natural process in a Scrum project, it is designed exactly for that, to accept changes.

Scrum teams are dedicated, which helps to increment and keep the project knowledge.

Is Scrum the right approach for my project?

Contrary to popular belief, Agile methodology doesn’t work well with all types of projects. There are many things to consider, for example, time, budget, company culture and others that are needed to work properly with Scrum.

We can help you get in the right direction, let us know about your project and we will get back to you to discuss the details.

Technology is everywhere

Recomendation engine

Use the user behaviour to suggest similar products or services. Just like the suggestions while watching Netflix.

Chatbots for Customer Support

Automate multiple business processes and customer service with precise information, 24/7 availability in multiple languages.

Gamified Learning

Statistical model to determine student's memory cycle and understand their habits to present information in the right time.

Smart devices

Devices connected to the internet to learn and automate tasks that can be connected to common applications and controlled by voice.

Scrum vs Waterfall in the real world

Each methodology has their own advantages


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