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Waterfall project management

Waterfall is an implementation of the project management approach that separate the phases sequentially. Development and testing activities are executed at different times.

What if my requirements change?

This type of project management deals differently with changes. Since project estimation is based on the scope to determine time and profiles, extending the time with more effort affects the initial estimation.

Changes are evaluated to determine the impact on the project. We have three levels of impact, only changes that are lower than 1 day of work are evaluated to be included without affecting the budget.

Is Waterfall the right approach for my project?

If you need to execute the project based on scope, time and budget it's a perfect fit. Flexibility for changes is not the same as working with Scrum but works very well with clear requirements.

We can help you get in the right direction, let us know about your project and we will get back to you to discuss the details.

Technology is everywhere

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Chatbots for Customer Support

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Scrum vs Waterfall in the real world

Each methodology has their own advantages


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