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Build apps that create experiences

App development for mobile and web that create good experiences.

We build web and mobile apps to help business grow and be future ready.

Proven methodologies

We use Product Discovery and Scrum to understand and develop each product.

Top industry warranty

We trust what we build, we give you a lifetime warranty so you can feel safe.


Software is always changing and we understand the importance to be a partner.

Some of our great clients

We help them build mobile apps, web apps, realtime apps and more.
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What our clients say

Miguel Montalvan

Evolbit developed Javu, a mobile application where we can discover what is happening in the events of our city or elsewhere. What stood out most of the Evolbit team and its General Manager, Marco Ordoñez, is the commitment with which they work. I always say that when you find someone who "buys" your problem as theirs, you have found a true strategic partner. Follow the Evolbit successes!

Jorge Fernandez

We like to work with Evolbit, we feel very comfortable with the attention they give us and the speed in responding to our requests. They work proactively and are always attentive to opportunities for improvement, they have all our confidence.

Emilio Zúñiga

Experts in the industry recommended us to work with Evolbit given their deep technological knowledge. By working with them, they exceeded our expectations because of their high level of commitment to find the best solutions. They have become a key piece of our team.

Ricardo Avila

The Evolbit team did not help with the development of the application, but also advising us on trends, providing daily support and contributing to an open exchange of ideas; all within the established times.

Oliver Eberlein

Marco and the entire Evolbit team work with great commitment and professionalism. They contributed to our project with very good ideas and always respected deadlines.

Isabella Urquiza

An excellent experience working with committed professionals and with superior knowledge of the technological needs of the project. Always looking for optimal results and continue to improve these through constant monitoring. Dedicated and transparent throughout the process.

Wally Benavente

Maintaining our quality of service depends on having partners that guarantee both a first-line technology solution and a positive and value-added customer service performance, characteristics that Evolbit achieves by far.

Our services

Solutions for business needs

Every company face different challenges, our services help companies to overcome them on every technology field.

Mobile app development

Mobile apps development with native and multi platforms technologies for iOS and Android platforms.

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Web app development

Web apps development fully responsive and easy to use. Rest APIs, Cloud solutions and more.

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Product Discovery

Exploration, ideation and prototyping to discover user needs and design the right experience for them.

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UX/UI Design

Web design and user experience process to engage users. Discovery process, wireframes and prototypes.

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Team augmentation

Our team can work along with yours to complete the force you need for your projects.

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How we build
awesome apps?

An overview of our process
to get the most from every project.


Understand user needs

Get valuable information from users
to build an app based on their
real needs.


Test, test and test

User feedback allows to improve prototype
and helps to understand how they
expect to interact with the app.


Code and test

Anyone can code but not everyone
understand the importance of testing
the code to build safe apps.


Automate everything

Automation helps you stay safe
and avoid mistakes on deployment
and common tasks.


Keep testing

Testing will make you stay safe
when you go live and learn
to improve the experience.


Releasing is not the end

Once you are on the market, learning is
the most important task to grow
and move beyond competitors.

Our Process

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