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Who we are


"because we love what we do, we do it well"

Marco Ordoñez

We are a passionate team dedicated to the software development using reactive and agile principles. We think the software development has changed in the last years and software must be responsive, resilient, elastic and message driven to achieve users expectations. Nowadays, the software must be released fast and must provide business value, to accomplish it we left rigid methodologies behind and adopt agile as the foundation of our business to provide software that help our clients reach their goals.

We believe software development is a creative process that is evolving continously due to new technolgies. We encourage our developers to stay up to date with new technologies and techniques to improve themselves and as a consequence, our service.

Fast as you need

Today's busy needs must be developed fast. We use Scrum as our main methodology to increase our productivity and incremental releases based on our clients priorities.

Scalable as you need

Internet has evolved, the population is bigger and business must be prepared to handle it. We develop software that scale based on our client needs, we are reactive.

Lifetime support

We trust on what we do, that's why we give our clients lifetime support. Once the software is released our clients don't have to worry about it anymore, if you need our help, we are going to be there.

How we can help

Web systems development

We build custom systems using the best technologies that helps our clients to achieve their goals, backed up by cloud technologies to help them grow if they need and stay available all the time.

Mobile app development

Mobile app development using iOS and Android. Mobile apps are an interesting market and we can help you take advantage of it and use services API to facilitate development of features.

Infrastructure Consulting

We help IT Teams to deploy their projects in production using cloud technologies and giving them solutions to monitor, optimize and easy scale your new enviroment.


We want to know about you

If you are here is because you have something great in mind and we would like to help you to make it real.
Just write us an email or call us directly to discuss the details about your project.