The company born on 2015 with two main mission in mind, develop software with modern techniques and practices and focus (seriously) on client experience.

The challenges we face today are different than the ones we faced 10 years ago ( For that reason, we embrace the reactive manifiesto (, to beat those challenges using proven methods, resulting in software our clients can trust.

Change is the only thing we can be sure, the world is constantly evolving and the projects are not the exception. That's why we took agile ( as our base for software development, giving our clients a nice experience and involving them actively in the process.


For us is important to have a balance between work and personal life. For that reason, we established a different working schedule, going from 8 to 6 hours per day.

This working schedule help us to spend time on personal things, in this way our team work happy, with enthusiasm and motivation, achieving good results.


The name of the company is a composition of Evolution + bits. We believe evolution in the broad meaning of word is something that affects every thing. No matter if a thing is evolving or not, the evolution will give it a new status, actual or obsolet, the one who better adapt will continue on the game.

The bit is the minimun unit of meause used in software. Every program is made of bits, so the evolution of bits has a broader meaning of evolution of software.

We know software industry evolves very quickly, we took inspiration from that fact to create the name.