Our process

Evolbit mobile app development service help businesses for better operational efficiency and engagement using the right technology for your unique project.

Years of experience in multiple industries help us build innovative solutions. From Product Discovery to maintenance, every step of the process we got you covered.

Pre discovery

We collect information about project requirements and talk about expectations to give a rough estimate of the project.

This stage let us to understand the following key parts



What you are trying to build
and how you think it will work.



Why you are building the solution.
What challenges are you trying to solve.



What you expect from this.
implementation. What would be the key result.


Together we explore the full potential of the solution we are going to build and discover the top core functionality based on end user needs.

Get closer to the end users and listen what they need.



Question everything to get real answers.
Explore and understand.



Full creativity to get most on implementation.
Team brainstorming with our clients.



The best way to get real feedback is using
it. Test your solution with prototypes.


Great look & feel is not negotiable. Your design must be amazing to delight users nowadays. Get the most of new design trends.

We follow 3 rules to create awesome designs


Keep it simple

Nobody likes to many options
everybody wants the most useful ones
sometimes less is more.


Visual Hierarchy

Information prioritized
is the key for understanding
how apps works.


Clean design

We love a clean design,
and users too. Nice design +
awesome functionality.


Software development with top industry practices to let you have an easy to maintain project, clean and organized with full to potential to grow.

Best practices in industry to let you scale anytime you want



We automate everything we can
to avoid possible human errors
and improve the process.


Clean code

Self documented code is the
best documentation ever. Clean
and readable.


Pair programming

Two heads think better than one.
This technique let us see
more than regular programming.

QA and testing

QA is a constant practice and we double effort at the end. We take this process serious to release the best experience to end users.

3 key actions to double check everything works as expected


Regression tests

We test everything mutiple
times before we release a
beta version.


Automated test

We leave automated tests to run several days,
this help us detect
non common errores.


Internal tests

Before releasing we always share the solution
internally with our own team
and client team.

Release and deploy

We work with top infraestructure leaders like Amazon and Google. Our experienced team choose the right service for your project and configure it to take advantage of automation and integration.

Cloud solutions to let your project scale when is needed


Auto scaling

We prepare your project to scale
since the beginning. No matter the
traffic you have.



We help you setup a dashboard
to monitor your solutions
in an easy way.



Our deployments are automated
using or tools like Terraform,
Ansible and others.

Support & Maintenance

Once your project is public you will need help to respond to user needs. Our team help you feel safe dealing with user support, improvement, incidences and every technical need to let you focus on your business.

We've got you covered, we know what is needed once your project went public.



We work with our clients to
set a SLA that make them feel
prepared and safe.


Profiles by hours

We will make a proposal based
on the team you need and you can
add more profiles at any time.


Security scans

We scan regularly your project
so your project is safe with
every update.

Our Process

Want to
start a project?

We are 3 steps away to start
something awesome for your business.

Let's talk



Submit your project
or idea to us.
A few lines it's ok.



We will contact you
to clarify requeriments
only if needed.


Get a quote

We will send you
a first step proposal
with all specs.

Benefits of working with us

Faster product delivery

Best practices of UX and Agile to optimize time and investment at every step to create solutions that meets your requirements and exceed user's expectations.

Greater scalability

Every business grows and scale all the time. As you grow you can maintain the top functionality of your app and offer the best user experience.

Better user experience

One of the main challenges of any business is engage users in the first 5 seconds. We create mobile apps that provide users great experiences.

Improved security

Our mobile app development services include advanced solutions such as data encryption, malware protection, secure APIs among others.

Want to learn about developing an app process?

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