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Technological Innovations

As a result of the pandemic, the advancement of technology has been promoted, which grows in the face of difficulties and challenges; most of them driven by the health and economic crisis originated in 2020.

Between folding devices, the Internet of Things, even virtual pets, technology has come to the rescue in a critical situation, and this year we have already begun to see our environment clearly modified by it. Let us mention some cases that are already beginning to revolutionize the world:

FOLDABLE DEVICES: As is the case with Samsung, which has prepared new foldable devices and prototypes of all the technologies it is developing for these devices. The foldables are the future of smartphones, the ability to carry a compact size device, but when unfolded it has a screen similar to that of a Tablet, is something that many users seek and desire. Companies know this and are betting more and more on these teams.

IoT DEVICES: In turn, we can talk about IoT devices, which connect with a process called M2M (machine to machine, or machine to machine) in which two devices or machines communicate with each other using any type of connectivity (which it can be cable, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.), doing its job without the need for a human to intervene. This is necessarily done with specific sensors and chips that are arranged in the devices, which, being connected, generate a large amount of data that reaches an IoT platform, which collects, processes and analyzes said data. For example, if there is a fault with your car, you may receive a notice so that you can take it to the workshop.

ARTIFICIAL PETS: The loneliness of some people during the pandemic highlighted the need for company, even if it is virtual. For this reason, last year the Moflin mascot, from Vanguard Industries, was presented a kind of stuffed animal that works with artificial intelligence and adapts to the habits of the owner, apart from replicating emotional capacities.

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Last modified: September 30, 2022