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The best payment gateways in Peru

For several years, electronic commerce has been experiencing exponential growth and, as we all know, during the pandemic its rise has been very clear and it continues to increase, something that we can see strongly during the campaigns at this point in the year.

For a button, the article published by El Comercio on a study “The Future of Retail”, carried out by Euromonitor International for Google where it indicates that by 2025 electronic commerce will increase by 110%, which will represent 10% of the participation of retail sales market in Peru, something more than promising and an opportunity, above all.

For its part, Statista shows us an infographic that is also promising where it seems that we were the ones that grew the least, but this is not necessarily the case:

Source: Statista

In this context, and taking into account that one of the first things we think about when we talk about e-commerce is how customers will pay, at Evolbit we want to tell you about the main payment gateways that operate in our country, without its order indicating that it is, necessarily, one better than the other:

  • Niubiz

Due to the knowhow that the company (formerly Visanet) has, it offers different types of online payment, among which are Web Payment that integrates perfectly with your store and also has Link Payment, which is ideal for businesses through social networks. Niubiz, which is the most recognized payment gateway in Peru and accepts Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards. Of course, it has high anti-fraud security standards, as well as a real-time sales monitoring panel.

  • IziPay

This is a payment gateway that has had a vertiginous growth in the last year, both in Lima and in the interior of the country, since it is flexible and its commissions are low; accepts all types of cards and has a very stable sales system allowing you to have your money the next business day after the sale is made.

  • Payment Market

Perhaps everyone knows Mercado Libre and the potential it has in Latin America, but also how it promotes the use of its Mercado Pago gateway, not only for its own store, but also for companies and entrepreneurs. They have a high security standard with a double check to be able to access the portal, which allows the client to make payments with total security, even more so, if it is considered that it has a seller protection insurance that returns up to 100% of the transaction. Your customers will be able to make payments with the most popular credit or debit cards and once a sale has been made, the credit to the registered account is immediate.

  • Culqi

One of the most used platforms and has easy integration through plugins or API. It allows payments with the most popular credit cards and provides a dashboard to see the sales made. It has high security protocols based on an AI engine and Machine Learning that constantly control operations to prevent any type of fraud.

  • PayPal

It is well known worldwide and allows you to make payments with the main credit or debit cards. Easy to integrate, it has an advanced security system that monitors transactions around the clock. Perhaps the most outstanding thing is that it has a seller protection insurance that provides peace of mind and security to it. Although they all look very similar, there are many more that have transaction fees, monthly support, among others, as a differential, but the ideal would be for you to work with one that is more suited to the needs you have and those of your clients, but above all everything, that meets the very high security standards to give your online store solvency and thus be able to achieve the results you expect.

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Last modified: February 9, 2022