Beneficios W

A consistent platform for managing benefits for thousands of users

The challenge

Improve the user experience of the benefits program and provide a range of technology solutions that provide commercial support to both Tarjeta W and its allies.

The solution

Change the application completely and build a new one that is aligned to the demands of today's customers. Redesign the customer-focused experience to increase engagement.

The result

We create a platform consisting of an interconnected web app, mobile app and back office. We develop technological tools that allow the growth of the program to get closer to the user and know their tastes to personalize the experience. Commercial support through push notifications, segmentation, banners, business management and others necessary for Tarjeta W and its allies.

  • Project Name:Beneficios W
  • Client:Corporación E. Wong

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Desarrollo back-end

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Mobile app development

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