Mediterráneo Ecommerce

A personalized, friendly platform interconnected with other systems to provide the best experience.

El reto

Advise and propose the best ecommerce solution for Mediterráneo. Accompany them in their online sales initiation process. The experience and availability of the solution are key pieces as it is a mass consumer product.

La solución

Create a personalized ecommerce platform, which is connected to your internal systems. Design a simple and fast experience so that users can purchase products easily.

El resultado

We build a platform with modern technologies aligned to today's demands, deployed elastically. We connect with the systems that give the business operations and execute solutions that help visibility and improvement.

  • Nombre del proyecto:Mediterráneo Ecommerce
  • Cliente:Mediterráneo


Functional Analysis

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Support & accompaniment

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UX/UI Design

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Web development

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